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Why investing in a mural for your restaurant, like ours for Kusaki Brighton, is very worthwhile

Restaurant design and the psychological importance of colour and shape can have huge impacts on the atmosphere and vibe of your restaurant or bar.

We approached a huge blank wall at Kusaki Brighton, understanding that the space was crying out for a bold and glamorous mural and it would dramatically change the feel of the restaurant.

We painted the wall in sections, creating a botanical graphic wall that tied in with the restauranteur Fabio Lauro's wonderful concept. We then painted the letters of the logo and these were back lit with an LED strip for a 3D effect.

The beautiful wooden bar designed by Fabio of Six Design and the low lighting throughout created a really unusual and glamorous setting for pre sushi cocktails at the bar.

The key here is the psychological affect on the customer. Firstly - the scale of the mural is so beautiful, so dramatic and theatrical, that the moment the diner enters the restaurant they are excited - ready to embrace the different elements of the evening's experience. Secondly - the colours. As we see from the article above, reds and pinks create raised heart rate thus increasing appetite. Yellows create happiness. Greens inspire abundance and health.

These colours were a vital part of our design and with the addition of the LED lighting, the mood can be ramped up as the night progresses from cool to hot at the turn of a dial.

For any restaurant, not just a big restaurant like Kusaki Brighton, the experience is more than the food. The staff are vital, the pre meal drinks, the food, the seating and the lighting.

But with a mural - a space is suddenly unique and unforgettable. Executed with courage and originality, it can be the one investment that flings your diners' experience northwards and upwards into the glorious.

By Clara Wilkinson of Living Wall Murals, September 2021


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