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Hello, we are Clara Wilkinson and Mary West. Clara studied at St. Martins and Camberwell before training for a career in interior design and Mary studied Fine Art at the Slade.

Living Wall Murals came about one summer evening in 2017.  Working as freelance artists, we wanted to pool our forty years of combined experience and set up shop together. We both love nature and share a similar aesthetic for art, design and interiors. Our mural collaboration was born.

We began by experimenting in colour and scale on small scale projects and through word of mouth our business grew. We now specialise in botanical and abstract murals. Our projects range in scale from bold and bonkers, to delicate fine foliage. We also exhibit and sell our prints and paintings and have a new wallpaper on the way!

We like creating art that doesn't add more stuff to the world. Our murals bring beauty and a touch of 'up cycling' to your wall.