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Why choosing a hand painted mural for your home is a brilliant alternative to wallpaper

A mural is an investment. What we do is not ordinary. We finely paint each mural with a level of skill and intricacy that has taken years to become in proficient in. You are investing in a piece of art that is bespoke and special for your interior or exterior space.

A style of mural painting we love painting is our Chinoiserie 'wallpaper'. Whilst we conform to quite a traditional style of Chinoiserie painting - for example the techniques we deploy to create leaves, or the dabbing technique for our blossoms, we are mindful that each of our creations takes on a life of it's own.

No mural is the same as another. Two Chinoiserie commissions on the same size wall with the same brief would always be slightly different to the next. This is why we love what we do and clients come to us knowing their mural is just that - theirs!

Whilst it is sometimes cheaper to buy wallpaper - and yes there are endless designs to choose from, the look and feel is very different to one of our walls. We understand about cost. For many a wallpaper is a brilliant cost effective way to bring a room alive. However if you are not on a tight budget and are considering a more premium wallpaper by some of the big design houses, whilst these will look stunning.. they will often repeat in their design across the wall. You also will buy it knowing other eyes in other bedrooms or livings room are looking at the same design as you. You might even be paying much more money for a wallpaper that is created using specialist techniques. One of our clients actually discovered we were a less expensive option to the wallpaper she had been considering!

Colour and palette are different between wallpaper and one of our murals. A mural, painted using the high quality emulsions we only use, bring depth and light no flat print can imitate. We even ramp it up a level with some of our designs, incorporating shimmer with specialist emulsions or finish with suitable varnish.

And it is art. Your art forever that people walk which tells a story. Many of our clients are word of mouth after seeing something by us that they love and want for themselves!

A bespoke piece of art made specifically to your brief in your home, workspace or on an outdoor wall is a wonderful thing.

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