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Minimal palette mural for maximum impact

Sometimes it's not all bright paint.

Don't get us wrong, Living Wall Murals love big colours. We love bold shapes. It's what our murals are known for! But sometimes, as with this project for an elegant bedroom by the sea in Brighton, a more pared back palette is needed. The last thing you want in a bedroom is a multicoloured abstract geometric wall that you can't close your eyes to. That's for a hallway or a garden or wonderful tall wall in a kitchen.

So for this wall, Clara has been working under a strict rule - ONLY three colours. Which we are now calling 'The three colour rule.'

We discuss in our book 'Making Murals' the importance of place and mood - how vital it is to consider which wall you are painting, how the space is used and what the impact will be on the surroundings. This applies to colour as well as design and structure. Sometimes less is less, especially when your mural is in a place of rest such as a bedroom.

For this project, by limiting the palette using Craig and Rose, and Farrow and Ball paints, Clara is still able to create momentum and movement, but the mural remains demure and calming.

Take a look at our reel which shows Clara complete stage 1 of the design. We'll post new images once the project is finished.

We hope for this bedroom mural that the client will be happy to see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night - with no sleep interference!

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