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How a mural can be perfect for those tricky walls in your home

Hallways, landings, corridors.. we love them. Studies show that liminal spaces affect our mental health as we use them every day and they affect the way we feel. It's the space that defines 'what was' and 'what is yet to come'.

Liminal spaces are made for murals. We've painted murals in areas that have previously felt overlooked and dull. But a mural can bring that space to life. It's also a place to let loose and go for it without the constraints of the more formal work or living space where the mural needs to work at all hours of the day. Liminal space murals are walked past every day but never threaten to overwhelm us with their presence. So in this sort of space we like to go for it.

Here our latest Art Deco mural brings to life this wonderful tall wall wall. The clients wanted a design to wrap around their circular light fixture. The palette ties in with their glamorous Cole and Son wallpaper. The result is glamour, elegance and a touch of Miami Art Deco in Ovingdean!

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