Bio work spaces

When Huddle London approached us to create a botanical mural - to reflect the myriad of indoor planting that sits alongside their workers - we caught a glimpse of the importance the corporate sector is placing in botanicals.

Business is investing in some serious eco credentials. It's not all altruistic - but does that matter? Time spent in a natural environment is beneficial for our mental state and boosts productivity. One study in The Guardian - Why are offices turning into botanical spaces? - reported one accountancy firm whose productivity increased by 15% after ten grand was spent on planting.

And it's not just plants and it's not just the corporate sector. Fake planting, nature trails, botanical art are all moving in and the health sector has long been involved. We're very excited to have been approached by two hospitals to submit proposals for botanical murals. We'll be posting further on this exciting new direction..

The botanical meditation room at Media Firm, Essence

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