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We are very fortunate to meet and get to know some varied and interesting clients. Of course we love nothing better than a good testimonial..so here are a few of them..

"Thank you for everything and the amazing work you did!"  Ed Saper, Director, Pai Skincare, August 2019

"So so fab thank you!  Absolutely LOVE.  I think both murals are just wonderful I'm so happy with them!" Louise Pugh, London, July 2019

"The mural is as beautiful as ever, honestly every time I go into the living room I'm made 50% happier by it's presence.  Thank you Clara and Mary for doing such a great job on it!" Isobel Fenton, London, June 2019

"Stunning art work and very professional. Couldn't be happier with the final result. Would definitely recommend." Jo Peakes, Brighton, March 2019

"Thanks for all your hard work both of you. The mural looks fantastic.  We truly appreciate all your hard work and talent." Brunsick Primary School, Brighton, February 2019

"Thanks to the magical hands and clear vision of Mary and Clara, I now have a beautiful reminder of nature, which transcends me to another world!  I would highly recommend this talented pair." Sanjay Tulsidas, London, November 2018