Doodle grids for bigger murals

Although we like nothing better than the energy of 'free painting' directly onto a wall, for larger abstract or botanical projects we have recently discovered a technique which helps translate our mural designs from paper to wall whilst maintaining the correct proportions.

It's called Doodle Gridding. Put simply when faced with a blank wall we get up on our scaffold or ladder and scrawl lots of random marks, numbers or letters over the wall surface. We then take a photograph of the wall, squiggles and all, and transfer the image to an App such as Procreate or Photoshop.

From here we can layer our mural design over the top of the wall photograph, fade out the mural design to expose the wall behind with all it's fresh marks. This creates a template to sketch our design onto the wall using the marks as guides.

Using doodle grids to create our murals, any design can be sketched up to scale.

It's simple, straightforward and very effective.

Here are some photos of @livingwallmurals latest job @kusakibrighton using doodle grid!

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