Chinoiserie blossom in Highgate

A shimmering cherry tree grows up the staircase.  Painted in pearly pinks, silver and gold.  November 2020

Rambling garden in Wimbledon

Incorporating Daisies, Thistles, Cherry blossom and Camellia for this sunny kitchen. September 2020

Chinoiserie in London 

A delicate hand painted Chinoiserie wallpaper that wraps around four walls in this elegant early Victorian villa.  June 2020

Hallway glamour in Chiswick

Layers of ferns frame the doorway through to the kitchen. September 2019

Highgate Woodland

Thirteen metres of woodland mural bringing a vast and varied Highgate garden inside. March 2019

Chelsea foliage

A delicate rose design for this elegant living room. June 2019

Mauritius in St. John's Wood

Monstera leaves and hot pink Lotus fill this kitchen in North London. Glossy oil paints bring a shimmer. December 2018

Tropical kitchen in Surrey

Delicate floating Monstera leaves create a peaceful kitchen corner. December 2019

Tropics in Peckham

A lovely living room mural for busy Issie. Banana leaves, Bird of Paradise and Agave. July 2019

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